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Carrera FIRST
A Carrera racetrack for children from 3 years of age with extra small speed controllers without turbo button for small children's hands. No frustration when playing, because the Carrera First cars with great licenses (Disney Junior - Nintendo) stay on the track at full speed. Coloured rails and imaginatively designed decorative elements for cutting out complete the new system. The Carrera racetrack First Carrera is powered by batteries. Thus there is no danger for the little ones, since they do not have to handle a power supply unit at the socket.

Carrera GO!!!!
The racetrack system Carrera GO!!! on a scale of 1:43 with its many action features has guaranteed action and excitement for years. With top quality rails, detailed and stable vehicles and the legendary Turbo Speed Controller for extra performance, the system is the ideal entry into the world of Carrera. Currently Carrera GO!!! continues to fuel the Carrera slotracing hype for beginners with great licenses, fantastic complete sets and the greatest possible expansion possibilities. The extended range of accessories with single-track circle, chicane, camel hump, bridge, fence, flags and much more round off the range of Carrera GO!!! perfectly.

Carrera GO!!!! PLUS
Carrera GO!!!! Plus, the system extension to GO!!! guarantees even more action on and at the racetrack at the usual scale of 1:43. The innovative connection rail with integrated loudspeaker and Bluetooth chip is a highlight of the product and creates the connection to skill games in its own Carrera GO! Plus App. In the middle of a thrilling Carrerra race, an exciting game is randomly selected for the drivers. Full throttle can only be revved up on the track once the course has been successfully completed. But even without an app connection, the PitStop Game guarantees variety: whether engine damage, refuelling or changing tyres - the young racing driver must complete the pit stop tasks as quickly as possible in order to get the car afloat again and be allowed to continue driving. The play value is further increased by a marked holding area on the Carrera PitStop Game rail, because who does not step exactly on the brake, must cover a time-intensive penalty round.

Carrera Evolution
The 1:32 scale Carrera Evolution and the worldwide popular 1:24 scale tracks offer the right equipment for motorsport at home. Whether Formula 1, DTM, GT, Youngtimer or fantastic races with original Ferrari cars - there is pure motorsport of the best quality for every taste. Motorsport with Carrera Evolution - from the classic to the present and into the future. And best of all - the Carrera Evolution can be converted to digital at any time with the appropriate upgrade kit and in just a few simple steps.

Carrera Digital 132
Overtaking at top speed at the push of a button, up to six vehicles on a two-track track and lots of tactical finesse for the boundless motorsport experience. Carrera Digital 132 is the perfect system for the ultimate track adventure. Carrera Digital 132 can be extended without limits with the existing 1:24 scale rail material and accessories from Carrera Evolution and/or Carrera Digital 124. All Carrera Digital 132 vehicles are immediately ready to start in digital and analogue gaming mode without any restrictions. The original Carrera Digital 132 vehicles mainly have front (xenon) and rear lighting including brake light function and impress with a realistic acceleration and braking behaviour that can be adjusted to suit driving conditions.

Carrera Digital 124
Finest digital technology, highest quality and vehicles with history and style that shine on the track or in the collector's showcase: Carrera Digital 124 is the ultimate in slot racing. Here up to four drivers drive on a two-lane race track, which allows perfect overtaking, sliding and drifting. The realistically manufactured vehicles with front (xenon) and rear lighting (depending on the model) can be adjusted according to individual driving skills and driving style and offer numerous tuning options.

Carrera RC
Thanks to Carrera RC, there is the perfect spring option to enjoy the fresh air with your family or friends and give full throttle off-road, on asphalt, in the air or on the water. Thanks to numerous licenses and exceptional body design, Carrera RC brings spring fun in a class of its own. The absolute highlight is 2.4 GHz Servo Tronic technology, which, unlike conventional full-function control, enables multi-stage steering and driving functions. This guarantees precise steering and driving in all directions.